Our team will help optimize business processes and achieve maximum effect with less investment.

opportunity to save

Find out how much you spend on the technical department right now and how you can reduce it team costs Future

right choice

CriteriaEmployeeour team
Cost~733 $1 333 $
Problem solving at the same time1>20
Task completion time2 h. 45 min.1 h. 20 min.
May not cope with the taskYesNo
Quality control of workSupervisorIncluded
Holiday, sick leaveYesNo

why we

Our team is professionals in the field of website and application development, integration and automation of business processes on the Internet.

Key competencies:

  • Development of sites, interfaces, personal accounts;
  • Banking and financial solutions, complex calculators;
  • UI design and UX research, CJM;
  • Project development and support;
  • Analytics and marketing;
  • Mobile applications.
In 90% of cases, a regular programmer can not cope with multitasking

simple process

  • Set the task
  • Get the result

No more thinking about how to control and motivate an employee, to whom to delegate tasks. This allows you to be sure of the result.


what's next

Instead of one mid-level employee, get a staff of 20 professional specialists who are ready at any moment to coordinate their forces and solve task assigned to them.

remote team cost from 1 333 $, and the integration period is from 30 days

Results and cost may vary due to the statement and specification of the task.