website speedup

Optimization of site loading speed has a positive effect on conversion and indexing. It is also a powerful factor in increasing user confidence and loyalty, especially for visitors from mobile devices.


Indicators for computers before/after7893
Indicators for mobile before/after4778
SEO Position Growth30%
Indicators for computers before/after4381
Indicators for mobile before/after1546
SEO Position Growth6%
Indicators for computers before/after4584
Indicators for mobile before/after2361
SEO Position Growth10%

Data provided by Google PageSpeed

why website speedup is useful

Increased Competitive Factors

We are well versed in website promotion in search engines and can argue that page loading speed is one of the factors ranking sites. If you want to overtake your competitors, become faster.

Increase website purchases

If your project opens in less than a second, the percentage of failures from the site will decrease significantly, and mobile users with slow Internet will be able to freely use your site.

Correction of errors in layout and scripts

We carry out an audit of the project, after which we remove unused scripts and minimize files. If your project has obvious errors in the layout, we will eliminate them and this will improve your search results.

Improving the image of the company

With a big gain in speed compared to competitors, your company will appear as more technologically advanced, and therefore more reliable.

As usual, the cost of speedup starts from 132 $ and terms from 10 days

Results and cost may vary due to the possibility of setting up a hosting, project and installed CMS.


  1. We audit the site and find weaknesses
  2. Personal manager evaluates tasks, announces implementation deadlines
  3. We correct errors and configure hosting (server) of the site
  4. Manager provides the result to the customer
  5. Deploy to production