User experience design aims to shape understanding what experience and what kind of experience the user will get from interaction with the interface.

when and why it is necessary

In the case when it becomes clear that without a deep understanding of user experience, the product creation process will be ineffective. It’s not enough to know the age and gender of the people who will use the product is important to understand how they think they feel what problems they face.

A good interface must meet business requirements and be user friendly


  • Analysis
  • User path map
  • Information architecture
  • Prototype
  • Usability testing

The user experience design process consists of  5–7 steps , helping to determine what needs users have.

how do we create

  1. Dive into the subject area and analyze business requirements
  2. We evaluate the competitive environment and examine the target audience.
  3. Building user interface scripts
  4. We design information architecture and navigation
  5. Create an interface concept and detailed prototype
  6. Conducting usability testing of an interactive prototype