financial services

Fintech (FinTech) — changes the market of banking services, investments and other industries related to finance. We helped create new technology to improve financial performance.

what we do

Our team has developed fintech services for brokers, banks and startups. We assemble a dedicated team, organize the testing process, interaction Flexible and launchable products on time.

Our competencies: personal accounts, calculators, brokerage services, reporting and flexible product testing. We have implemented projects for FinEx, Sberbank, Rosbank, Yandex. Money, ALOR BROKER, ATB Bank and a number of startups.

Product Hypothesis Testing Will Save You Millions

main features

  • Personal Accounts
  • Sophisticated Calculators
  • Report Sites
  • Integration with public services
  • SMEF identification
  • API Integrations
  • Report Generation
  • Load balancing
Conversion increase
  • Flexible development
  • Quick interfaces
  • Instant download site
  • UX research
  • Constructing and testing hypotheses
  • Sophisticated Analytics