Online store development is the integration of many competencies and the experience of the whole team. Our company has completed many major projects. and gained experience in design, marketing research and technical e-commerce implementations.

easy sales complex integrations

Online stores contain many components and integrated modules. When buying goods, SMS, letters, information to the tax, payment system, courier service and 1C are sent, all this happens in the internal business processes of the site.

For users, we implement a simple presentation of the purchase, behind which is a well-established business process that helps you sell without spending extra resources.

The online store replaces established sales models and increases your profits

Main features

  • 1C, CRM
  • Online payment, checks
  • Delivery services
  • Marketplace
  • Purchase and payment in chat
  • Personal recommendations
  • Trigger Mailings
  • SEO product cards
  • Referral program
  • Online stores
  • Personal Accounts
  • B2B services
  • Document flow on the site